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  Functional Range Release

What is FRTM?

Spine Care Plus is the only manual therapy clinic in Cornwall to provide Functional Range Release. This fantastic therapy is an advanced system of soft-tissue treatment that focuses on the assessment, localization, and systematic treatment of soft-tissue lesions (adhesions) and areas of fibrosis (scar tissue) which develop as a result of injury, repetitive strain, and cumulative trauma.

How does FRTM work?

The nervous system's central mechanism which controls muscle length contains a 'stretch threshold' which, when exceeded, triggers a stretch reflex causing the muscle to contract. This threshold is set far beyond what is necessary to prevent injury. Therefore, while the potential for further movement exists at the joint in question, the central nervous system will not allow this movement to occur. Thus, this 'safe' range is not determined by the actual flexibility or extensibility of the muscle tissue itself, but rather how the central nervous system modulates the motion. When a muscle is injured this threshold is reduced considerably.

It is the goal of the conditioning system to simultaneously increase this threshold thus improving range of motion, while developing strength in the new extended range, termed increasing the 'functional range'.



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