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A Variety of Braces Available

We offer a wide variety of custom and non-custom braces for practically all joints of the body. We have a large selection of pre-fabricated braces but if you can't find what you need we can also order a unique piece to fit your unique needs.

Cornwall Spine Care Plus+ is a proud provider of Don Joy custom braces. Based on your diagnosis, size measurements and activity level the doctors at Cornwall Spine Care Plus+ will fit you for a brace that is perfect for you and your condition.

Braces can be made for both upper extremity and lower extremity conditions and can be used to help with rehabilitation, pain management and joint stabilization.

Commonly Braced Conditions:

ACL sprain/tear
MCL sprain/tear
Post surgery
Wrist sprains/strains
Arthritis (Knee OA)
Tennis/Golfer's Elbow
Patellar dislocation



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