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Health and Wellbeing

We no longer consider health to be the absence of disease. Today, we understand that lifelong health is the presence of vitality -- the ability to function with vigor and to live actively, energetically, and fully.

Vitality comes from wellness, a state of optimal physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, interpersonal, social, and environmental well-being. At all ages and levels of physical/mental ability, people can increase their vitality and wellness. People today have greater control over their health than ever before. Being responsible for one's health means making choices and adopting habits and behaviors that will ensure wellness and lifelong health.

Regular Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to:

Improve and maintain optimal joint range of motion
Promote proper biomechanical function
Improve the body's response to inflammation
Reduce over-sensitization of the central nervous
Promote optimal biomechanical function of the bodies musculoskeletal system.

Research shows that patients under regular chiropractic care experience:

85% lower pharmaceutical costs (the number one cost drive in the system)
60% fewer hospitalizations
62% fewer surgical cases
Less out-patient diagnostic tests (MRI, CT, blood work, etc.)
Improved Satisfaction reported by patients

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